Cementless Metal-Backed Patella: Back for Good? Excellent Short-Term Survivorship - No loosening on 2 to 5 years follow up.

Fransiska Guerreiro, Niall Flynn

Queen Alexandra Hospital

Novel uncemented metal backed patella is designed to achieve osseointegration into the implant, aiming for biological fixation. Despite the modern design, there are still concerns remaining regarding loosening based on previous older designs. We reviewed the outcome of the novel patella implant to look at the short-term outcome in our Total Knee Replacements.

Internal database of 3 hospitals were reviewed for the outcome of patients with Cementless Metal-Backed Patella Implant. Patient demographics and revisions were identified.

409 cases of Metal Backed Patella were identified between 2016 to 2020. Two types of prosthesis were used; Stryker Triathlon and Stryker Modular Rotating Hinge. Demographics are as follows; Male 42%, Female 59%; Patient age range 37-98.
There were 2 cases of infection; 1 had 2 stage revision, the other settled with Debridement, Antibiotics and Implant Retention (DAIR). 3 Cases of Polyethylene insert change unrelated to infection. There are no cases of patella loosening to date.

Our data currently shows excellent outcomes in terms of function and survivorship for this novel implant. We are optimistic that the implant can show excellent survivorship in the long term.