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Chairman: Mr N. Evans

Organising Committee:
– Mr R. Boyd
– Mr I. Vanhegan
– Mr J. Quayle
– Mr M. Newman

Chairs: Mr Ivor Vanhegan and Mr Steve Veitch

Treatment of miserable malalignment syndrome: a systematic review
R Connell, D Rad, T Hossain,
University Hospital Southampton NHS trust  

Shenton’s line in DDH: useful, or useless?
J Larwood, W Hasan, R Connell, E Lindisfarne, K Elliott, A Aarvold
University Hospital Southampton NHS trust  

Follow up after successful Pavlik Harness treatment for DDH: is two years enough?
J Larwood, O Idowu, E Lindisfarne, K Elliott, A Aarvold
University Hospital Southampton NHS trust

Does high BMI compromise outcomes following fixed bearing Partial Medial Knee Replacement
K Nicholls, K Wilcocks, K Shean, L Allsop, L Vachtsevanos
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust 

Value of MDT approach to complex hip arthroplasty
A Assaf, SH Chen, G Stranks, T Evans, J Griffiths
Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust

Outcomes of reconstruction of complex pelvic discontinuities treated with either distraction technique or 3D printed custom implants   
A Assaf, SH Chen, G Stranks, T Evans, J Griffiths
Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust

The Safety of Corticosteroid Injection Prior to Shoulder Arthroplasty: A Systematic Review
A Chowdhury, S Islam, T Ranoboldo, K Sheen, K Wilcocks, S Sampalli, A Elmorsy
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Predictors of rotator cuff tear on plain radiographs
V Garg, S Muthian, R Moverley, R Hartley
University Hospitals Dorset

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Chairs: Miss Joanna Higgins and Mr Chris Mitchell

Paediatric compartment syndrome: a retrospective analysis of outcomes
L Walker, B Mullins, C Edwards, F Wadia
University Hospital Southampton NHS trust  

Fixation of Intracapsular Neck of Femur Fractures in the Elderly: Risk Factors for Failure
A Thomas, N Khan, R Clowes, N Patankar, R Moverley-Smith, S Promthong, B Prosser, G Kouklidis
University Hospitals Dorset

Weight-bearing Status Following Non-Neck of Femur Fragility Femoral Fractures: A Regional Audit of Practice in Wessex Deanery
A Denning, R Ormiston, A Assaf, K Pearce, T Moore, Z Lyon, D Hancock, S Saleem, S White, J Quayle
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging of displaced humeral fractures: Results of a pragmatic single-centre study
D Cadoux-Hudson, M Thomas,  J Hurst, R Schranz, A Gerrish, K Wallace,  D Warwick, D Carugo, E Stride, S Tilley, N Evans
University Hospital Southampton

Microbiology sampling in Fracture Related Infection
N Uren, M Scotcher, J Round
University Hospital Southampton NHS trust

Open Fracture Management in Wessex Major Trauma Centre
P Hei Cheng, S Barbur, Z Beech
University Hospital Southampton NHS trust

Using internal fixation as an alternative to circular external fixation as a results of covid 19 pandemic; Lessons learnt
S Shamoon, E Thompson, A Qureshi, J Round, N Hancock
University Hospital Southampton NHS trust  

Chairs: Mr Phil Sauve and Mr Ad Gandhe

The Hampshire Hospitals Trauma Prioritisation Tool
J Barrett-Lee, H Fraig, D Avis, T Ardolino
Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Trauma Via Day Surgery – Can We Free Up More Inpatient Beds?
O Townsend, S Abouzied, M Mahmoud, L Venkatachalam, S Stapley
Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth

Staffing Levels in Trauma & Orthopaedics in UK
L Kilbane, R Haasbroek, N Evans
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

The development of a day case arthroplasty service in a district general hospital setting
S Kohli, S Baker, S Markham, O Mitchell, L McMenemy, C Senior, P Ward
Dorset County Hospital

Carbon Footprint Reduction in Shoulder Surgery by the Rationalisation of Single-Use Convenience Packs
A Chowdhury, H Imran, H Colaco
Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust

Grip Strength in Orthopaedics – Why the Cement Gun is Causing Problems
A Denning, S Saleem
Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust

Computer-based simulation or traditional preparation
R Ormiston, E Unwin
University Hospital Southampton NHS trust

‘Oops!’ Designing and implementing a novel peer-to-peer training session on learning from surgical mistakes
S Williams, A Stoneham, J Hardie, G Neal-Smith, F Guerreiro
University Hospital Southampton NHS trust

Community outpatient Orthopaedic clinics; a post pandemic model of care
S Kohli, J Smith, R Clowes, S Davis, J Vincent, C Senior
Dorset County Hospital

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Global Trauma Update – Mr Nigel Rossiter

Wessex T&O Training Update
Mr Evan Davies

Presentation of prizes & Trainer of the Year Award